Amazon delivery of the goods shown in the new drones commercials with Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon has not refused intention to bring goods drones. Moreover, the project to develop a delivery system drones gaining momentum. Today, advertising has been shown to a number of announcements and demonstrations that will look like a new type of service, if the US regulator will allow Amazon to work with UAVs under the scheme. The video featured the infamous Jeremy Clarkson.

The company demonstrated a prototype drone Prime Air - on the video they look pretty big, and the aircraft is different from what has been shown previously. At the drone of two propellers - one for vertical takeoff and landing, the other - to move in the horizontal direction. Amazon believes that this is "partially a helicopter and part airplane," adding that "the new design allows the drone to travel long distances efficiently, sit down and take off quickly and without problems."

It's not only the UAV over which the company operates. A spokesman for Amazon said that it is one of the many prototypes on which work is ongoing. In addition, advertising and Clarkson said that at one time the whole family will start drones Amazon, which will vary according to the type of environment.

In advertising, the drone can independently identify the landing area in the backyard of the house successfully deliver the goods.

To ensure that the system of goods delivery drones to work, it is necessary that the Federal Aviation Agency authorized the use of US drones to fly the airspace with a "ceiling" in the 120 meters. There are other restrictions - with the weight of the load should not exceed 2, 2 kg, and the range of the drone did not exceed 24 km (the distance from the warehouse). Clarkson says about security - for example, the ability of UAVs to "feel and bend around obstacles." If we imagine the motion in the air with a lot of drones, such a system would clearly not be excessive.

Delivery time with the help of the drone - at least 30 minutes. However, for the implementation of the scheme, as mentioned above, you need permission controls. Only after that the UAV will deliver the goods directly to the customer's door. And that - so far only in the US,



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