US regulators have allowed Amazon to experiment with delivery drones

Federal Agency of Civil Aviation US acts against putting some videos with quadrocopter and fines drone operators for photos, but supports the use of drones journalists . March 19, the Agency issued a special permit Amazon Logistics for experimenting with delivery drones.

Resolution allows Amazon to make flights at an altitude of 122 meters in the daytime under good weather conditions. Mandatory requirement - the aircraft must remain within sight of the pilot and observer. A operator must be at least a private pilot certificate and a medical examination.

Amazon will report monthly Civil Aviation Agency on the number of flights, the flight time each and provide information about software failures, deviations from the instructions dispatchers and loss of connection.

Conditions will not allow Amazon to proceed immediately to a massive delivery of goods, but it can become the first company in the United States in the field of e-commerce, which will begin to deliver products on drones - after the ban will be lifted .



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