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If the market for a vehicle there is some kind of novelty, at least roughly, Yes, you can call it a Bicycle, car, scooter or motorcycle. This applies not new models of vehicles, there is a new concept car from Ferrari or from someone else, but a completely new vehicle as such.

Not so long ago, TV presenter, journalist, writer and just a brilliant man Jeremy Clarcona was spotted on the streets of London, riding on a brand new vehicle, which to call, no as yet. Clarkson and his family owned, and now owns many fine high quality vehicles, but it is not a car.



This vehicle is a cross between a car (similarities in the steering wheel and a roof over your head) and a motorcycle (base and size). Although when compared with one thing, that "car" is more like a Golf cart or a lawn mower (the one where you mow while riding). Also it can be called futuristic car, maybe it would be the best name.
Such a vehicle is quite interesting as structure and design, and, probably, its main feature is a structure, which does suit the driver of the car. Such a structure makes "the car" is not even interesting, and weird.


If you see a man moving in such a vehicle on city streets, it is quite a normal thought that comes to mind is: "Is that a robot?". After all, with the sight of Jeremy Clarkson in this car it resembles.

The main disadvantage of this vehicle is that it is designed only for one person. For the transit of baggage or passengers is not, so to go on these wheels will not work!


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