Thank you, Victor! Without sarcasm

The best thing that could happen to the Ukraine - it is Yanukovych in power.
Thanks to him, there were two Maidan twice Ukrainians suddenly showed to the world the national consciousness. In all the years of independent Ukraine, nobody has been able so good-natured and anger "moyahataskraynih" Ukrainians Yanukovych. It is an innate talent, so fabulous to be born stupid ass.
It brought Yanukovych Ukrainian business to the point where they no longer wish to receive any preferential treatment, "the protection of national manufacturer" or refund of VAT - businessmen only want clear and simple rules of the game. In which their children will not kidnap and ransom demand as 51% of the shares.
That Yanukovych and the opposition united in opposition before razocharovashiysya people stumble over the question, "Well, uberёm Yanukovych, but someone put him in his place, and he is better than?" To a simple answer: "yes, the drum, what will happen after. Home of the vampire to drive. »
Finally, it is Yanukovych did normal landing in jail "paperednikov." A good tradition. At least once more useful.
So, a low bow, Fedorovich!
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