Underwater robot turtle

Inspection of sunken ships is one of the most dangerous underwater tasks. Divers and snorkelers explore the wrecks for the important historical finds and values, to assess the damage and lifting operations. The risks are so great that many works are carried out using remote-controlled robots.

Traditionally, these robots are used for propulsion propellers. But this way of moving under water is not perfect. The stream of water from the bottom of the screw ups silt and substantially restricts visibility. Another problem of modern underwater robots is a cable through which power and control.

All these deficiencies deprived new robot U-CAT. The developers have taken a sample of the mechanics of the movement of sea turtles and made the robot completely "wireless". In addition, U-CAT was very compact.

To move underwater robot uses four fins, which are driven by the algorithm is very similar to the movement of turtles. This minimizes the "parasitic" streams of water emanating from a moving robot. U-CAT is equipped with a recording camera. The first tests of new items will be held in the Baltic Sea.


Source: habrahabr.ru/post/204378/


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