Russian village

On the territory of Sunny Isles in the middle of the Songhua River to be a very interesting Russian village. Why Russian? - You ask. The fact is that until the middle of the last century in this place were cottages Russians living in Harbin. From the villas there is quite a bit, but the remains look quite interesting. Entrance to the "Russian village". Why matryoshka with a neckline of a sudden, hard to understand.

In the photo - Natasha, the name is not mentioned. She was once a summer residence in the holiday village. He writes that Natasha was born in 1876 in St. Petersburg. At 24, he arrived in Harbin after her husband as an engineer. The main place of residence - in Harbin, Cannon Street. On the sunny island she had a cottage. I lived in Harbin for 50 years. Then he emigrated to Australia. Poor ... 74 years emigrated.

Just outside the gates - a fake engine. It is understandable, Harbin began with a railway junction in 1898.

A little further to the pain familiar faces.

The only decent shop in the "Russian village". We bought a wonderful delicious brown bread. This in Moscow in the afternoon with fire you will not find.

Art salons and shops near the Russian-stuff located in the former summer cottages.

Costumed Chinese.

Garden house with pretensions. Closed.

The rest of the houses (there are 15-20) - is very familiar to the eye. There is complete in older suburban towns Russia.

Even the precious little house two doors are preserved.

Very relaxed in the village of Brod. Only slightly inappropriate music prevented. First, it cuts in "Vladimir Central", then "Movie", then "Tender May". There would be a lot more songs came.

Birch, here was a delight! In Harbin, there are birch and rowan. In Beijing, there is no such trees. So swing near cottages - which without them.

I saw birch, now everything seems sweetly. That charming little vase in front of the house.

"Area" suburban village.

This house is too closed. The inscription on it ... you can see what.

Opposite the house, which remained Coy what the situation.

In it she lived, or rather, came here to the country, Natasha.

The house is only three rooms

Third komnatuha closed.

Local old cat. Apparently, he has a story to tell.



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