Magic socks

«These socks are designed for people who love to go barefoot, but do not want CATCH infection and hurt their legs," - says the Alternative SHOES FROM SWISS BAREFOOT COMPANY.
"Swiss protective sock» (Swiss Protection Sock - SPS) is made of a very peculiar jersey: 50% - is known for body armor Kevlar, 32% - Polyester, 8% - Spandex, 10% - cotton. The sole is made of PVC.
By the way, immutable natural colors of materials rigidly dictate the appearance of socks - greyish colors unchanged.
Sharp stones, shells, broken glass, twigs on forest tracks - all this media SPS uneasy. Socks do not miss the sand, but are not waterproof. Use on asphalt is fraught with accelerated wear.
According to the Swiss, SPS like no other product in the world gives "absolute feeling of bare feet, combined with total security»
However, the Swiss Barefoot Company cautions that Swiss Protection Sock - Footwear is not in the traditional sense, but it a serious competitor. And socks require unusual habits.


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