In the morning, wearing shorts. Subtleties of male psychology

Whichever is most accurately reflects the current state of the economy? The level of real estate prices? The dynamics of car sales? Unemployment?
Here netushki. British scientists have once again proved to the world that there are things that can understand and are able to understand the only ones. Because a study it from this angle it is unlikely that anyone else would be enough imagination.
And they thought: "And if the color does not depend on purchased men's underwear on the general state of the economy?" And spent another study. Naturally, it turned out that the mysterious man's psyche is still responsive to market conditions. And if the good times bought underwear frivolous parrot colors, the periods of stagnation, not to fun. And then in the course of the classics, so to speak. White, gray, black. Mourning for the lost money signs.
Honestly, I have a certain apprehension even begins to treat himself a British scientist and research. Because a feeling that they are akyns. Only those that see that and sing, and these - that sick little head will climb up in the morning, then explore. For funding even as it is inconvenient to say. Because I would, for example, to invest their refrained pounds in like searchlights. Is it for purely neighing.


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