The feel of a mini-skirt by men

1. I always felt that I do not.

Yes, I really felt like I was from the waist down wearing nothing at all. The lower half of my body could not get used to new sensations. My legs were shaking when cool air can circulate freely under the skirt. I could not relax for a second, because I did not feel safe. Now, I have more respect for women who wear mini skirts.


2. Underwear easily "burnĀ»

I was very surprised, although it is well understood that at absolutely any habitual movement, I showed everyone around your underwear. Every time I squatted, sat or bent down, I always show all your pants. It was embarrassing when I got on the subway and very surprised guy sitting on the contrary, the fact that he saw my pants and there was a bit unusual for him a thing ...


3. Do not even think to lean

I was afraid to even bend down to 10 degrees as I ventured to show everyone his ass in shorts ... And yes, even the squat is impossible instantly skirt rides up to the pope.


4. Keep things in the hands of the right

I finally understood why the girls in miniskirts hold bags sitting on your lap, why they are that way and keep the purse. Mini-skirt at a certain angle opens up a very nice view of the underwear


5. Nothing is easy to see your underwear

Unfortunately, I have to talk about underwear throughout Lent. It's a major problem. When leaving the car, sitting on the ground, in the subway, I thought of only one, as it does not "burn" your pants. It took a lot of effort not to show everyone you meet cowards. I'm so tired of it that the evening could not remove the tension.


6. Your mobility is severely limited

Today I wore a dress similar to the one that the girls wear at the office. It was a pretty tight miniskirt and I realized that I could not normally run, what to run, I could not even enough to make a move. If the material is softer, it was easier, but the problem of limited mobility this would not solve.


7. But even after all this ... I still want to wear mini-skirts

Now I realize how risky to wear mini skirts, but I still want to wear them! I want to show all my beautiful legs.

That is most likely, and women think ... zodiac signs compatibility, look how my legs in a mini-skirt, not shorts Pal I do not whether the ink flowed, whether stacked hair ... Now I understand better the girls ...

* The photos were taken during the experiment (a man)





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