Useless organs in humans

1. Men's nipples
Nobody still knows nothing about the purpose of this body, apparently, it simply is not necessary.

2. Appendix
Darwin argued that the appendix was actively involved in the digestion of herbivores during the first years of man's existence, however, after we began to eat more digestible foods, the need for it disappeared.

3. Wisdom teeth
Back in the days when we ate mammoth meat and brushed their teeth, they tend to quickly port and dropped. Here and come to the aid of your wisdom teeth. Currently, the presence of toothpastes, filaments and brushes, made them absolutely unnecessary.

4. Erector
When we were hairy, precisely because of this body our hair stand on end when we had to look bigger and scarier. Now, thanks to him, we have a tingling in the skin.

5. The coccyx
Coccyx - a few fused vertebrae remaining from ancient times, when we had tails. Absolutely pointless part of the human body.

6. Tonsils
It is also prone to swelling and unstable to infections. If the age of 30 you were able to keep them, it is almost achievement.

7. glands
Adenoids "catch" the bacteria, but they are also prone to edema and unstable to infections. This is often experienced by children. Luckily, our tonsils with age are reduced in size, and if they bring some problems, they are removed.

8. sinus
Doctors are not very much is known about sinus congestion, the only thing they know is that we have a lot of them. Variations of their operation - from isolation to the eye to change the tone of our voice.

9. Body hair
No doubt once we have had a lot more hair. About 3 million years ago, we were completely covered with them. But with the advent erectus Homo, they become us to anything.

10. The third eyelid
You may not know that you have a third eyelid, but that it is in the inner corner of the eye. The third eyelid, as it is known, is the remainder of the "nictitating membrane", which still have some animals, such as chickens, lizards and sharks.


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