Dasha good

Starting to look for photographic material to this post, I admit, very enthusiastic about the socialite, heiress and ladies Abramovich Dasha Zhukova not capital. Well, I think now as otkommentiruyut you, Dasha! Another idle fairy in my head which solid popcorn bags out-skirts-brilliantikom.

And suddenly I found myself thinking that the third hour leafing through Dasha pictures carefully studying her every outfit and had forgotten about the caustic comments that are going to distribute. It's not the perfect pick up clothes from the latest collections. The thing in the eyes, which is read intelligence in a smile that captivates. Militancy changed my pride for the nation: how well that there are compatriots!

Had this fairy born in 1983 in Moscow.

Shortly after the birth of Dashi her parents divorced and his mother took away his daughter overseas to the United States, Santa Barbara.

On the capitalist exile Daria and raised, went to private school, anti-Soviet ate goodies and all the fun in the dashing 90 missed.

Her father, whose real name is not Alexander Zhukov and Alexander Shayyaborhovich Rudkin (which is why our Fee like Judaism), gradually beat oil state, living in England, and in 1999, invited to his daughter to London for permanent residence.

In the foggy capital Dasha studied to be a doctor - homeopath. That's really never thought that the rich beautiful heiress choose for themselves the formation of doctor of alternative medicine.

But the outstanding talents of the rich and famous, as they say, zamazhesh, nature took its Fairies, and Darya do what befits a secular felines: hit the design based clothing line with her friend Kova8T.

The basic rate for girls made jeans. Each new model they created in honor of some friends, whose initials and flaunted on the pants.

Dasha, by the way, once met with Marat Safin, successful and very nice tennis. Then came the "Chukotka history." Well fascinated, I wonder? Ridiculous to think that Zhukov fell for material benefits, so I personally think that the wisdom and the mind of the leader of the Chukotka district took up over inflated charming young tennis player (how could it ???).

Dasha founded the Center of Culture "Garage", which brings together works of art from around the world to please the Russian public. I believe, the main part of the acquired artifacts - a generous gift in the name of enlightenment Rublev creamy dark masses are of the same Chukotka.

The style of our Fairies I can not stop looking, she is beautiful!

And the impression of a sweet, kind and humble wife oligarch.

About such usually say: the second tier Rublev wives. But Dasha Rublevskaya, it is increasingly between Los-Angeles and London following winds.

Sobchak here dressed worse than my grandmother. Kapets.

In 2009, Dasha happy with the paparazzi and secular nation visual aid: how to wait for the child and remain stylish and fashionable. Bravo, Dasha!

And of course, a few family photos. Weekdays Abromukovyh.

Collecting information for this post, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of enthusiastic reviews about our Dasha on European and American Internet resources and, despite all my sharp little comments, infinitely glad that our country is associated with these women.

Photo: gettyimages.com


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