Stars just like ordinary people

Stars just like ordinary people, and sometimes even worse. Someone does not like the number 11, someone always carries a wooden stick and knocks on it as needed, and someone stands on stage with just bend the nail in your pocket. Who in that much as they say.


Catherine Zeta-Jones terribly superstitious:
I never sing in his dressing room and certainly not whistle. If suddenly prisvistnu inadvertently, be sure splyun over his shoulder. I never sent to anyone at the table salt - especially her husband. This is a terrible omen - a quarrel. Even sometimes I wonder, how do I manage to get to the stage or film set - after me so much along the way all sorts of superstitions to overcome!

Robert Pattison awful paranoid says Kristen Stewart. Cullen Vampire afraid of black cats, the number 13 and generally considers himself a loser.
I am doomed to failure of birth and already used to it! If I have a black cat crossing the road - certainly soon stumble or fall. If I was settled in the 13th room - there is a toilet break, fall picture, crack bedpost or there something else. In my day from the window of someone threw a rotten egg, so I was not surprised, shrugged and thought, "This is fate!" And just went to look for the nearest dry cleaner.

And Nicole Kidman greatly worried about their fate with Keith.
The signs, I began to believe after her marriage to Keith Urban. To be honest, even now I'm afraid to jinx our marriage. So when we think about something bad or say something out of place - immediately looking for a piece of wood on which to knock. And in a situation where there is nothing near the wooden - for example, in the car - I start wildly nervous. Therefore, he got himself a special wooden key ring - he's always with me, so now for our future with Keith, I do not worry!

The standard of loyalty among the stars was James Stewart. Throughout his acting career to carry only one hat and left her even when she holed and began to literally fall apart.


The strangest superstition of the famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. He did not act without the bent nail in his pocket and a coin in his boot.


Salma Hayek childhood accustom ourselves to cross the threshold only with the right foot. If the cross from the left, the misery was coming.


Robbie Williams indifferent to salt. If he sees somewhere spilled salt on the table, it will certainly take a pinch and will spread over the left shoulder. Robbie will do this procedure at any place, even in the restaurant. Staff blind eye to the strangeness of Williams. Still, only some salt!


And Woody Allen is often deliberately puts things inside out, believing it brings good luck. If the T-shirt or put on wrong by accident, Woody will not change. Naturally, it's - to trouble.


Martin Scorsese is one of the most superstitious in Hollywood. He believes in the evil eye, spirits, demons, and did not like the number 11. He would not stop in the 11th room, and only if the parking space will be the eleventh, then Martin simply cancel all plans and leave the car park.


Cate Blanchett carries a very special mascot - elven ears that were left after shooting her in the movie "Lord of the Rings».


Lady Gaga to abstain from sex for quite strange reasons. But it's better this way than promiscuity.
I have my own superstitions about sex. If you do not have sex with someone who really loves you, that person can completely ruin your energy.

And Christian Bale despite the superstition runs under all stairways encountered on his way.


Paris Hilton make a wish at 11:11 and knocks on wood, trying to ward off misfortune so.


The person who first met James McAvoy on the first day of each month, he said "white rabbit" for good luck. This tradition gave him my grandmother.

Now something is clear to us the secret of the success of these stars. Of course, stilts and elven ears, but not in their talents and abilities (and his father's money).


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