The story of one cookies (7 photos)

For a week all the inhabitants of Germany watched the adventures of the golden cookies, which is located on the building of the firm Bahlsen.
The company is engaged in the production of the famous cookies.
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and suddenly it was gone:

The actual value of the gilded object was less than two hundred euros. But this was a sentimental value cookies. And in general - who steal it? Why?

After a day on the Internet, a photograph of a soft toy, embracing this very cookie, toy-renowned hero "kroshkomonstr." On the one hand it became clear cookie earnestly kidnapped, and now will demand a ransom. On the other side of the story began to become absurd. What kind of joke is this? And no joke at all? Who laughs,? Who wants to become famous? Any children?

Monster kidnapper demanded, in fact, not at all scary things: donations to orphans in the form of sweets, and various donations blagotvoritelnym funds. And yet dens later, the TV host made fiormy actually Herr Bahlsen - support the very familli and managing pechenkoimperiey, and said he agreed to everything. Nazhertvovali tens of thousands of cookies and sweets to orphans and projects the money, and asked her character back.

And what do you think ...

Today, people have found it on the neck of the sculpture:


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