9 types of people:

There are people - Wind.
Here today, gone tomorrow, nothing permanent and sustainable, practical replaced one another on anything long without stopping.
There are people - Flowers.
They have to be very careful to safeguard and protect from the weather, because they are fragile and vulnerable. But this fragility and has its own charm iprivlekatelnost - they allow you to take care of themselves and feel strong.

There are people - Libraries.
They can always learn something, to discover new horizons of knowledge, especially if a lot of patience and do not be lazy to spend a lot of free time.

There are people - a maze.
They are unpredictable, you never know what awaits around the corner and what a jungle zavedut relationship, but the harder the puzzle, the more interesting the process of solving it.

There are people - Green Valley.
They are easy and serene, with them to leave aside all their problems and hardships, it is possible to unwind and relax, even for a moment forget that the window actually rain and slush, and in the sink unwashed dishes.

There are people - Fireworks.
They have an explosive temper, and they give a sense of celebration, a sense of life to the fullest, endless carnival until enough forces. Be happy, because time flies so fast!

There are people - Granite.
With them you can always be sure that nothing will happen and that is always protected. Have someone to lean on and trust in a difficult situation.

There are people - Abyss.
You know that will end badly, but pulls, pulls to look over the edge, touch the hand of the unknown ...

And there are people - Diamonds.
You're looking at him. And every time a person opens a new face. And whether negative or positive. Just study and admire.


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