Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall - a woman with a capital letter! She is attractive, witty and, most importantly confident and love yourself for what it is, what is lacking for many women today. At 55, Kim will handicap many girls "a little over 30". And it's not that she looks young for her age, and that she carries it with pride and knows her worth.

When Kim was 16, she moved from her native Liverpool to New York to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After successful completion of institution (in the Academy, as well as in school, the future actress was an excellent), Kim began to appear in the series, where it was noticed and influential producers.

On account Cattrall several very successful roles in box-office films, including "Police Academy" and "Star Trek».

I would not call Cattrall great movie actress, but her popularity is not exactly take.

I was already 40 when I was offered the role. I believe that there is role inappropriate for me at that age. And I'm afraid that I can not play a spirited Samantha, do not pull it out. But the survey proved the opposite!

Despite the fact that at the request of Kim as Samantha slightly changed - made its way deeper and multi-faceted, and turned it from a "devourer of men" in a woman hungry for love, Samantha greatly affected the very Kim, making it more self-confident. Throughout the series Samantha changed, and Kim has changed along with it.

Firstly, Cattrall seriously quarreled with his father. After watching one episode of the series, he called the father of the daughter of a whore who falls are at the bottom. But eventually Dad relented and revised several times in the series. Secondly, the problems started because of an overabundance of scenes of the show, where the actress (in particular, Kim herself) and then flashed naked breast. At attacks from the public Cattrall proudly declared: "I have no problem with the breast, it is beautiful, and if the show is in this need, I'll open it."

I played independent women throughout their lives, and I feel comfortable in this role. I like Samantha, because she is very honest, the internal brake she is almost there. In a sense, she is alone, she would have gladly opened a serious relationship, but to sit and wait for Mr. narrowing - not her style, she prefers to go out and find it yourself.

As for Mr. narrowing of the Kim, the actress has been married three times, but nothing good came of it. Each of her marriage eventually fell apart:

Marriage destroys relationships. At least in my case it's true. The first time I got married very young - marriage broke up. The second marriage was not set from the beginning. My husband lived in Germany, I - in Los Angeles and New York. The third cause of the collapse was the work. Now, when people ask me if I wanted to star in another TV series, first of all, I think, "Hmm, even 18 hours a day? I do not know, do not know ».

Kim had a lot of men, and some of them were younger than her 15-20 years. Romancing the chef Alan Wyse, who was younger than 23 years Cattrall, lasted five years:

Many people ask me, do not bother me if my partner youth. What do you mean! I'm fed up with elderly peasant who can only grumble about their sores. But my current young lover is always fully prepared and will never give up to try something new from the Kama Sutra.

After the series Cattrall, influenced by the popularity of its Samantha wrote three books and took one of them a documentary, in which she, of course, was the lead.

The first book appeared by chance. Well, I know a lot about him as an actor who plays a beautiful heroine. It's a pity people do not understand and constantly turn to me with their problems. I had to get acquainted with the matter, taking documentary. For example, I liked to star in the series, where I had a close relationship with a woman. I think most people, both men and women, it is very interesting to know what it's like to sleep with the same sex. But check this in practice prevent many common morality and prejudice. I was lucky ...

Unlike its arch-girlfriend (it was rumored that the actress enmity) Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim claims the status of style icon, but the red carpet look stunning. It's not even plastic surgery, although the actress says that does not make them. It's either there or it is not. In the case of Kim Cattrall answer is obvious!


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