Perez Hilton

The past and the current week definitely pass under the sign of bloggers. Who just did not discuss - and goddesses, and Isabelle Stromberg and Bryan Boy and Marianne from Finland ... In this case, a crime would be to ignore the most famous blogger in the world, which is, in fact, brought blogging as a phenomenon of the medium of the Internet on Wednesday show -biza.

His name knows and old and young - of course, this inimitable PEREZ HILTON !!!


This guy has long been famous as a blogger, but also as a TV person. Peres to get the show on their dream of many presenters and many celebrities middle poshiba consider it an honor if any Tus Perez will be close to them to capture to the tabloid. How does a regular guy in Florida who had no relation to the world of show business managed to become so famous. The answer is simple - the Internet






Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. (and this is the true name of Perez) was born March 23, 1978 in Miami, in the family kubiniskih immigrants. Already in his youth Peres understood that he "did not like the others" - simply - gay, but gay is not normal, and creativity. Mario went to drama club in Miami and decided to become a great actor. In 2000, the man moved to New York where he regularly attended the auditions, hoping to star in a big-budget movie. But fish are not caught, or rather, gets fine - Peres offered only as extras. Therefore, the future star was soon switched to the blogger so to speak, work on a specialty - began to work as an assistant in the central representation GLAAD (the main society of gays and lesbians). Later, Perez began working as an editor at the magazine for gays Instinct.




In 2002, Perez moved to Los Angeles. The guy decided since he was not destined to become a celebrity, though he would try to dig in their underwear. Thus was born the famous blog, but then Mario Lavandeira became Perez Hilton. Blogger is initially focused on the "star" format your blog. He realized that people are not interested in boring licked reports, and "fried" news and photos

"This is interesting to read about ordinary people? And the stars of interest to all! "- Quite reasonably argues Hilton



But that's not all stars were happy caustic posts Hilton. Perez as gay to the bone, says that he knows who is famous male representatives of homosexual orientation. So, one day he just wrote that Isaiah Washington (actor from "Grey's Anatomy") so openly opposes gay, does this mean that he is gay ... In general, Perez his words never climb



In 2005, Hilton's blog has been informally recognized tabloid The Insider «blog that hate-star-over-all." It is on the blog Perez before anyone can see bad pictures of stars, read about their embarrassment postebatsya with Peres over the hidden gay ... Record attendance Hilton blog - 8.82 million hits per day (!)



Clown outfits have long since become part of the image without fail Peres. Especially funny look picture where he is standing next to naglamurennymi stars



The famous blog hacked several times, but Perez does not care: fear - so respect!


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