The fastest kick in the history of martial arts Bruce Lee.

The speed with which Bruce dealt a blow from a distance of one meter, is only 0, 05 seconds. For comparison - this is one-twentieth of a period of time for which a person blinks.
Speed ​​bumps Bruce Lee was so high that the camera shoots at 24 frames per second could not cope with the problem and had to shoot at 32 frames camera. Reaction and speed of movement in the famous martial artist and actor was really phenomenal - for example, it is time to replace the ten cent coin in a man's hand before he had time to squeeze your fingers. He could throw a few grains of rice in the air and catch them with chopsticks, could penetrate a finger full can of Coke. In addition to these tricks Bruce Lee owns several world records - the fastest knockout punch when (of 3, 2 seconds), the fastest knockout at kicking and fastest knockout in the world - 1, 2 seconds.

Many theorists agree that such an impact velocity of not only the result of training, but also the inherent feature.


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