Secrets of Keira Knightley

Order prosherstit privacy sultry blondes, I decided to move in the opposite camp, in order to see how things are there at the heart of Hollywood brunettes. Let's start with Keira Knightley - the actress, for me, more than mysterious ...

So Kira Christina Knightley is British born and Hollywood star of the first magnitude in his 26 years in a modest, compared with fellow blondes, my boyfriend. Probably because a diligent and correct Kira sighed in vain not a prince, and not be distracted by boys, as is usually done girls in her years. She wanted to be the best that was really important to her (acting and self-improvement), and therefore not spray on a normal teenage fun.

The first novel has happened with Kira in 2001 (by this time she was 7 years old was shot in the cinema). She then played the daughter of Robin Hood in "Princess of Thieves" and met with Me Delom Sinnott.

Office romance with aspiring actress does not bode well for the by Del. The dedication and 100% returns Kira in his career did not leave her time to her lover, making the incredibly furious. In the end, Cyrus decided to break with the relationship. Then the actor even tried to commit suicide. But this method of exposure has not conceived the expected result - Kira gone once and for all.

The first great love of 17-year-old Kira became Jamie Dornan - handsome Irish blood, model Hennes & Mauritz and Calvin Klein.

They met at a photo shoot for the film "The Jacket." Cyrus just as attributed to an affair with her partner and a ladies' man Adrien Brody (which naturally makes the purpose of public relations).

It did not take a lot of time that would be their affection for each other grew into a serious relationship. Jamie moved into an apartment in the Mayfair Kira (prestigious area of ​​London) and at first everything was fine. But the growing popularity of girlfriends is not happy Dornan. And the sex scenes with Jamie blonde Kirsten Dunst in "Marie Antoinette" is the dedication and zeal with which he took up his first role, Cyrus was not pleased. She's terribly jealous Dornan to Kirsten.

The relationship began to decline, and at some point, Jamie decided that he needed more air. After two years of the novel, he left Knightley. This gap Cyrus experienced the youthful hard. Besides, Dornan stokes his interview where it pointed to failures in the relationship.

"The man should be the leader in the relationship in matters of money and power-sharing, and of course I was not him ...»
Defeat on the personal front fully compensated Cyrus her career. In 2005, the role of Elizabeth in the next film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" earned her more than she could have expected - first Oscar nomination for Best Actress and ... a new relationship. Everyone wants their Mr Darcy, but she fell in love with Wickham, more precisely in the Rupert Friend, starring in the role.

They were the perfect couple for all and an example to follow. The only thing that marred the happy Cyrus - this reluctance to Rupert lead her down the aisle.

"Rupert is not one of those who aspire to a quiet family haven. I was upset at first is why something like horror as married quickly jump out. But now I've cooled down, and I was quite happy with his mood ».

Five years lasted this sedate English novel, but at the beginning of this year, they are still aware of what they want from life different things. It was announced on the break. Again Cyrus is very hard to perceived changes in their lives. Although the baggage of personal experiences, I think, has to help her prepare for a good role of Anna Karenina. Shooting of the film adaptation began in September, and the premiere is scheduled for 2012.

Romantic same mindset to shoot Kira Knightley currently makes Klaxons keyboardist James Righton. A few months ago they met at a party presenter Alexa Chung.

At first, James Friendly Cyrus diverted from a painful break, well, now they do not hide their relationship.

Ryton comes to Cyrus on the set, in order to spend time with his beloved. They also have introduced each other with their parents. Tabloids in anticipation of engagement.

But why rush things? The main thing is that today, on the face of Kira happy smile. In addition, she stated that she wanted to slow down and spend more time with their loved ones. Apparently, the value of old England still have the upper hand over the existential life in Hollywood.

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