Keira Knightley

Role of such Party Anna Karenina in a new Hollywood adaptation of «Anna Karenina» on account of 27-year-old British women Keira Knightley is not so little. Perhaps it is one of the few who starred in costume as often. Her filmography is, and the role of important people, and the role of writers, and the role of warriors, and still very many other equally well-played characters. Each new film Knightley is a bastion of beauty and it does not matter whether wearing her luxurious dress or suit Amazon.

"Oliver Twist»

In 1999, when the mini-series just came out, Cyrus was only 14 years old. But for the first time wearing a corset and a hat the young actress was absolutely natural and organically got used to his image. To be honest, I was surprised that there are only 14 Kira, but the fact remains. As if he had not passed those 13 years ...

"Princess of Thieves»

Another television project involving Kira. In it she got the role of Robin Hood's daughter, Gwyn. With arrows and with bow, clothing khaki in Knightley did not immediately recognize the delicate damsels of "Oliver Twist." The series was filmed in 2001, then 16 years old Kira.

"Doctor Zhivago»

Anna Karenina - is not the only Russian character, played by Keira. In 2002, she had already reincarnated as a Russian girl Lara. Of course, a simpler and less notable than Anna, and because and modestly dressed. Less satin dresses and Russian life shows a darker side.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl»

This film 2003 was a sort of starting point for further career Keira Knightley. In it a young actress and her wardrobe of the 18th century were in the spotlight, and the relationship of the hero and heroine Kira Orlando Bloom will remain forever in the hearts of fans of painting as the most beautiful and sensual. I will not argue that Cyrus in this movie, oh, good, let alone from Orly think many were all unconscious.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest»

In 2006, Cyrus returned to the role of Elizabeth Swann. Crinolines and corsets sit on it perfectly and even small breasts actress viewers have become accustomed. Similarly, I do not remember, but it seems like Knightley in this stunning wedding dresses, we have not found (or found?).

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End»

Kira in the image of Singaporean pirate ...

"King Arthur»

Another bright episode in the career of an actress - the role of a fearless Guinevere in the Arthurian stories. It is said that from film to film Cyrus not really changed and I would agree with that (apart is the only role in the "Dominoes"), but in a suit made of animal hide, I have not seen it yet. In addition, there is also a good war paint.

"Pride and Prejudice»

The largest and most challenging role to date Kira. Behind her, she was nominated for "Oscar" in 2006.


The subtle incarnation of sexuality 30s: Fragile Knightley in dark green evening dress, lights a cigarette. This outfit has been recognized as one of the best, and even walked in a little black dress Polls Audrey Hepburn in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's».


Above the creation of costumes for Kira and her colleagues worked on this film the Japanese designer Kazuko Kurosawa. He was inspired by the European and Asian fashion x 19 centuries.

"Forbidden Love»

The Second World War. Heroines Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller in tight satin dress in a wool sweater and rough boots. Very skillfully worked designers who have found a certain balance and to make each "high" super-stylish appearance.

"The Duchess»

Based on real clothes the Duchess of Devonshire costume designer Michael O'Connor has created some brand new, but at the same time with the face of antiquity 18th century costumes. Hats and skirts with lots of frills - a key in the form of the Duchess.

"A Dangerous Method»

Even playing the patient in a mental hospital Cyrus manages to be refined. White lace it really goes.

"Anna Karenina»

And so we see Cyrus at the beginning of January next year, when the Russian cinemas will show the most anticipated of the year filming "Anna Karenina».


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