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Kira Plastinina first of June, will be only 20 years old, but she already world-renowned designer, who had not worked with anyone else, but with the major Hollywood skandalistki Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. These stars posed for the advertising campaigns of the brand «Kira Plastinina» over the years and every time cooperation plays into the hands of Cyrus and father, "advancing" daughter. Because clothing is created for women aged 15 to 25 years, Plastinina smekaesh that PR move to Paris and Lin is excellent (usually young girls hooked on such reklamku, thinking that the stars are also things from Kira), and hence the sale crawl up. The correct policy Kira's father Sergei Abramovich + efforts daughter who submits ideas = good income, with around the world. Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Italy, UK, Philippines and several other countries will not do without small, but rich in Shop Kira Sergeevna. In an interview, she said that is trying very hard to create collections, but the prices at the same time establishes adequate. Plastinina emphasizes that creates things according to your taste and produces only what is put on without hesitation to myself.

Interestingly, while you enjoy this young designer clothes? I have it somehow does not appeal because quality did not match the price, but sometimes come across good items (rarely true, but it whitewashes stores Kira in my eyes).


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