Winter in Russia

Who said winter clothing - it's boring? The streets of Russia, especially in Moscow, just full of all the colors of the rainbow. This winter decorations were not the snow, and bright coats, scarves, shoes and massive volume decorations.

In such a dull and gray weather like this, bright colors are a real cure. Nothing can cheer up as colorful floral prints, bright fabrics and jewelery with large stones. All this suggests the dreams of the long-awaited spring, sun, greenery and bright colors around.

Blogger Anastasia Kuzmina (fashionnotfashion) introduces two new winter image. Emanates from them a homey feel, and good childhood. Such imagine winter clothes - warm, comfortable, soft. Especially the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAnastasia suit the taste pregnant women. Indeed, in such an important period of life than ever want to feel attractive and special.

Coats - Doroteya

Sweater - Cath Kidston Katie

Skirt - Ginger and Soul

Bag - Zac Posen

Details: Watch Michael Kors, nail polish Chanel Rouge Rubis, Lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure Flamboyante.

Dress - Nice Things

Scarf - Libellulas

Cap - NeKaur

Details: Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs, watches Michael Kors, suspension Vanessa Mooney, fragrance Chanel Coco Noir, nail polish Chanel Mysterious.

A few more vivid images and ideas from Russian by Tini Tani - fashion blogger, photographer and designer. Fashionable gray dress from became one of the first shopping girls this year. Warm, but short dress can be easily worn with leather leggings, socks, tight black jeans and shorts. A bright spot in this case has become a stylish leather bag from Zara.

Hat - HM

Bag and shoes - ZARA

Dress - Romwe

Jewellery - Diva

Watches - Diesel

Dress - Ecugo. com

Scarf - HM

Pants - my design

Shoes - Pioyanelli

Shooting and fashion accessories from Kazan designer Renata Dorofeeva

Cap - Renata Dorofeeva

Sweater - Zara

Leggings - Fiore

Shoes - NEXT

Plaid skirt from the English brand Alice's pigs, which Tini Tani ordered through the official online store of the brand (delivery in Russia free) - another striking touch to her image.

Skirt - Alicepig

Cap - Bershka

Jacket - my design

Sweater - Zara

Tights - Fiore

Boots - vintage

English brand Alice's pigs - an image of a modern Alice in Wonderland, which is all abnormal completely normal. A little madness, outrageous and daring experiments - that's the basic concept of this magical clothing brand.

Below -bezdna interesting ideas from the Moscow fashion girl Katu M. In this image Woman inspired by old magazines, black-and-white photos and retro style.

Coat - Zara

Svitshot - Kira Plastinina

Dzhegginsy - Jennyfer

Pendants, bracelets - The Katherine's Shop

Hat - Bershka

Clutch - Mango Touch

Points - Lady Collection

Watches - Police

Easy spring and autumn look in the blue-violet-black scheme.

Coats - River Island

Scarf, boots - Zara

Shirt - Forever 21

Points - Lady Collection

Bag -

Dzhegginsy - Jennyfer

Bracelet - The Katherine's Shop

Watches - Anne Klein

Gloves - H & M


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