Pilgrims street fashion

The accessory, which is able to radically change any outfit, requires knowledge of the trends of the season and a little creativity. Fashion bloggers are recognized in the love of practical scarf and share the secrets of its perfect combination with the basic things winter wardrobe.

Leading the trend in accessories this year - a big scarf. Its size should not be in doubt, this is really the main focus of the fashion image. Scarf, reaching mid-thigh, whatever its texture and pattern will be warm and stylish companion for the cold weather.

Jana from the Czech Republic has chosen a large square scarf with fringe for preppy stylish image.


22-year-old model and blogger from Paris Lily wore a bright fuchsia long scarf with a classic short coat milky. Get a tasty combination!


Young student Aybina Eshkeeva whose fashion blog was seen last year, knows how to wear a huge knitted scarf. On New Year's holidays in Astana, Kazakhstan, -30 degrees is cold, so warm accessories "hot" colors - an urgent need.


Sofia, 16 years old, and she lives in Paris and loves the artistic style of dress. How to look with Parisian chic? Try a large purple scarf of the same color rough boots!


The scarf-LIC will not give up their positions so easy! Anna Roby, a Russian girl in the United States, loves walks with his dog and chooses sporty style.

Electric blue scarf plays on the contrast with the yellow jumper. Other bloggers also choose this configuration scarf, placing bright accents in plain clothes.



Maddy from Poland 25 years. She loves street fashion and creates a harmonious sets in pastel colors. At this time, smoky emerald Maddy trend scarf draped with floral ornaments - not wrong!


He loves ornament and Belgium. Lynn Antwerp walks in the cool denёk then that's a long warm scarf and hat with a pompom. It looks very nice!


Fashion blogger Aksinia showed juicy image of European street fashion. In its 15 years, this girl watches a fashion, choosing the date on the Scandinavian print scarf and plaid mini skirt. Scarf printed plaid, too beloved women of fashion street.


To beat the classics on the contrast - a favorite technique casual street-style.

Shiny leggings + scarf with a print Burbury.

Cage à la Prince of Wales + goggles aviators.

Black jacket-style robe + classic rock mufflers "goose foot».

All in order to not look pretentious.

And finally, we note how the street receives and stores some love with fashion fads.

Stoles boom swept last season, but who among us dare to wear pink fur scarf, like Claudia from England?


Stephanie from Barcelona keeps a blog about fashion. Her vintage perforated jacket would not have been as good without the same vintage cravat Erme.


A fashion blogger from Moscow Catherine assures us - pompons scarf to be worn not only on trend, as the mood, not this sense of individual style?


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