Kayla Martell

This girl named Kayla Martell, she is 22 and she is a member of the beauty contest "Miss America 2011", which was among the ten finalists. In addition, the Kyle wears the title of "Miss Delaware - 2010", "Miss Kent - 2009", "Miss Newark - 2009", "Miss Georgetown - 2008", "Miss Indian River County - 2007" - as we see her beauty America recognized for a long time. Why did she shaved her head - you ask? The answer is simple: it is - a natural hairstyle Kayla. Girl for several years is suffering from alopecia (simply - baldness), and in a very aggressive way, and never hid this





All beauty contests Kyle acted in a wig, so among the other participants it was not a black sheep. However, under the "Miss America", the participants are not allowed to use any artificial personal belongings, including a wig. Kyle got cold feet and not said it will act without a wig




Kyle on the "Miss America»


Evil tongues whisper that their titles Kyle obliged to pity the jury to it, rather than external data. I would pootryvat languages ​​such people. It is visible that Kyle is very beautiful even without hair: perfect figure, a dazzling smile, and some good light in the eyes


In everyday life, does not wear wigs Kyle. She believes that it is necessary to love yourself for who you are, and do not feel left out. Martel is a volunteer of the National Fund on alopecia. These kids in the photo does not have cancer (thank God!), They also alopecia




Here's a she - bald beauty queen)


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