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Seventeen million five hundred thirteen thousand five hundred ninety five

These ordinary people were leading a perfectly ordinary life until the moment their heads fell off rabid popularity. And did they not much — only one photo.

The website shows which have now become those whose lives once abruptly changed the Internet.

Successful child (Success Kid)

Sammy Griner became popular after in 2007, his mother lanie posted a photo of his 11-month-old son.

Of course, to suggest such a development, a woman could not, but that miraculously helped my father and Sammy to stay alive: thanks to the wide popularity of the meme, in 2015 the family managed to collect the necessary amount for a kidney transplant Justin Griner.


This photo was taken in January 2004 by the girl's father Dave, who documented his daughter zoey's Mouth on the background training of fire fighting local fire Department.

The most famous photos received after it was published in the magazine called "JPG Magazine".

Scumbag Steve

Popular online photo was made for album 2011 rap group Beantown Mafia, which was created by a guy named Blake Boston.

As later admitted the character meme, the photo was made by his mother.

Loser Brian

Picture College student Kyle Craven posted his high school friend, and started walking on the Internet in early 2012. Soon found himself a hero meme.

According to Kyle, the photo was taken in the 7th grade of school when the principal asked the student re-photographed for the school photo because, in his opinion, Kyle's specially made for pictures bad facial expression.

Chloe puzzled

A little girl named Chloe became famous after in 2013, the parents posted a video on YouTube, where her sister Lily is happy to tears by a surprise trip to Disneyland.

Chloe responds a puzzled expression. It seems that the girl sees no reason to enjoy so much the visit to your Disneyland.

Too obsessive girlfriend

Layna Walker in 2012, woke up famous after her YouTube videos attracted the attention of Internet users. In it she performs the cover song of Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" to participate in the competition announced by the star.

God is with them, with vocal girl, but just look at those eyes!


The meme depicts a girl with a grotesquely funny tails that roughly enjoys the books in my hands. Her smile with the braces on the teeth suggests the presence in the speech of the heroine to some Lisp. Hence the name of the meme "Ermahgerd", which means warped "Oh my God".

The girl's name is Maggie Goldenberger. This is her baby photo, and today Maggie works as a nurse.

The indignant girl

Little actressMIA Talerico — the same "Troubled girl", constantly repeating memes: "You say that..."

And expressive photo, who went to the people — a scene from the sitcom "good luck Charlie", which premiered in 2010.

Unhappy Mackayla

At the London 2012 Olympic games, American gymnast Mackayla Maroni was sure I would be able to take the gold. But something went wrong and as a result, she was only second.

The athlete was so disappointed and annoyed at myself that I couldn't hide it even at the awards ceremony.

Photos on the preview laneymg/instagram

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