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I know, I know in Russia is still not released the film, but the film is really stunning and emotional. I recommend to be sure, especially if you like acting Leonardo DiCaprio, well, it simply must give an Oscar for this role.

This is a political retro-drama, so who wants to see the passionate scene or a comedy, then you need to go to another movie. Itself is not fond of politics, but the film with cast just could not miss.

I think that anyone interested in film, knows that a movie about J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director, who held the post 37 years, not counting the 11 years before the director. By the way, after it reduced up to 10 years as director. Will tell his story, but in the film where truth and fiction is anyone's guess, of course, it does not refer to historical facts. It was he caught John Dillinger, and about a separate film "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp. As it turns out, he was considered one of the customers of murder of the Kennedy brothers.

Who are the main characters? About the characters themselves will not tell so interesting movie to watch.

J. Edgar Hoover - Leonardo DiCaprio

"The most interesting thing in this story - to see how a person gradually loses touch with reality. By the end of life of the Hoover clearly observed mania and delusional acts he committed. " Leonardo DiCaprio.

Clyde Tolson - Armie Hammer. Deputy Director of the FBI.

Helen Gandy - Naomi Watts. Hoover's personal secretary. From this role, he refused to Charlize Theron for the role of the wicked stepmother in "Snow White».

Since Hoover was a confirmed bachelor, and nothing was known of his mistresses, and whether they were generally attributed to him a secret relationship with Clyde Tolson. Historians still wonder whether Hoover homosexual or not. For me so what's the difference, most importantly the contribution made to the history of the country.

John Hoover and Clyde Tolson.

Played by Leo and Armie.

The film is even a kiss between them, and when you do not say will be emotional scene))))

"I thought a lot about that scene. As everything goes? How to behave? What do I feel? As a heterosexual man I was interested to see what it is - to kiss a guy. Once I thought I now understand why my wife loves when I clean-shaven. & lt; ... & gt; I have nothing to compare, since I had never kissed a man, but perhaps it could be worse. Is it good kisser DiCaprio? Yes I thought about it, since I saw "Titanic"! "Armie Hammer.

Also, the main actors had aged very well.

Other actors who took part in the film.

Anne Marie Hoover - Judi Dench. The key person in the life of Hoover, his mother.

Agent Smith - Ed Westwick. The only actor, whose game I was disappointed. The impression that the screen is not the agent Smith and Chuck Bass ("Gossip Girl"). Even the manner of speaking and the movement of the hands, all done in the style of Chuck.

Still not a film, and a film premiere.

Colonel Shvartskop - Dermot Mulroney. A very small role, which is a pity.

The picture is also a premiere.

All of the actors list no sense, a lot of them))) but it remains the most important person of the film, which I have not mentioned, and without it there would be no film.

Clint Eastwood, and as always on top. No wonder that he has two Oscars for Best Director.

"I grew up in the days of Hoover and I remember how he enjoyed unquestioned authority. Then the effect of the FBI was very much afraid of them. Today, former colleagues Hoover different assessments of his personality, but nobody does not diminish the contribution of this person to the development of the system of law enforcement bodies ».

"The film is left open to interpretation, because I do not want to prove or deny Hoover was gay or was not. Surely we have not exactly know this, so why speculate? It does not matter what gender preferred Hoover. The main thing is that he was infinitely lonely man ».

The film premiered at the opening of the American Film Festival.

Clint and his wife.


Army ... Say Cheese

Armey and his wife

Come to me darling, kiss


Naomi and her husband Liev Schreiber

Clint, Leo and Naomi

So what Oscar and Leo, and the Army, and Clint third))))

And the ending ... it pierced me to tears. Well, maybe I'm too impressionable.

Well, now at 12 o'clock in the morning I go to the premiere of "Twilight. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 ". No, I'm not a fan of them to walk at night on this film, but my sister, yes. So it is necessary to accompany the generation of vampires. ))) That's how I look diverse movies.


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