Top 12 most popular men

This honorary ranking American magazine People is the twenty fifth. The tradition was born completely random. In 1985, the editorial board discussed the upcoming article on Mel Gibson. Editor exclaimed, "Yes, he is the sexiest man alive today!". It was decided to use this remark as a title and so it went.

I offer you a selection of handsome men in 2011, but at first curious facts about the history of the rankings.

In the club of those who honored the title of the sexiest men alive today twice consist George Clooney (1997 and 2006), Brad Pitt (1995 and 2000) and Johnny Depp (2003 and 2009).

Camym youngest title holder (27) and at the same time the sole holder of the title, which is not an actor was John Kennedy Jr. in 1988.

The most mature - Sean Connery (59 years), in 1989

The first and still the only African-American was the winner Denzel Washington in 1996.

And now for the rating in 2011.
So, 12th - Dylan McDermott, 50 years old.

Honestly, the first time I heard about this actor. For his age, he looks fine. He began his career in the late '80s and made a name for his roles in the successful television series. In recent years, the popularity is rapidly gaining a serial novelty of the season - "American Horror Story" with Dylan in the title role. In his youth, he met with Julia Roberts. He is divorced and has two daughters. In addition, Dylan regularly ranked in the ratings of all sorts of the most stylish men. Next year we will see him in the movie "Good to be meek" Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Nina Dobrev.

11th place - Alec Baldwin, 53 years old.

Something they podzapozdali People magazine that way for years ....- dtsat. Very strange decision :) Of course, I am very glad that Alec was not dead as the star of the 90s - thanks to the TV series "30 Rock," in which he continues to act. Alec is quite a charming and March of this year he had an affair with a young instructress yoga Hilary Thomas. But it's still a little too.

10th place - Ryan Gosling, 31 years old.

This is certainly the most what the fuck? - The list of all time :) C Given the fact that the past year was truly a year of Ryan. After a three-year hiatus in the work he gave a series of successful with critics and viewers of films - "Blue Valentine," "All the best", "This foolish love" and "Drive". Ryan worked like hell and that's not going to stop. He is ahead of the winner, which you will see later, all indicators of popularity on the Internet. It was his little picture on the cover was placed next to a huge photo of the winner, apparently, as a mockery :) Many were convinced that the title will get to Gosling. Even experienced in such matters, George Clooney, which this year has worked with Ryan in the film "The Ides of March", in which he acted as director, before everything became known, joked that he phoned Brad Pitt and they week to train Ryan, so he should win. Fans of the actor rampage on the Internet, collecting signatures on a petition of protest, and some enthusiasts even staged a protest outside the office of People.

What to do, do not change. Hopefully Ryan luck in the future :)

9 place - Jason Momoa, 32 years old.

Here I think it is deserved, and VeV readers will agree with me :) Jason this year, too, was on everyone's lips, because of the "Game of Thrones" and "Conan the Barbarian." Of course, maintaining itself in such a form requires enormous efforts. That's what Jason said about the process of pre-production:
We were engaged for 6 hours per day. First 2 hours of work with swords. After a short break for something to eat fried chicken. Then for 2 hours of strength training, cardio and after them - training. And what did Jason when the shooting ended? - I flew straight to Rome and ordered pasta. By the way, he took first place in the ranking of the best action-actors of the same magazine.

8 place - Joel McHale, 39 years old.

Of course, the feature Joel nothing outstanding here soon imposed his role. After all, in the series "Community," he plays the arrogant, handsome, and in his own show The Soup he very boldly and prickly mocks American reality shows and their stars, including, for example, the sisters Kardashian. Joel also demonstrates excellent physical shape on the screen. You may have seen him in the past, "Children of spies". It's nice that the list was diluted with fresh faces. Comedian himself was very surprised to learn that made the list and told clearly that it happened due to the fact that many handsome in that moment were not in the city.

7th place - Josh Charles, 40 years old.

American film and theater actor. A person familiar but nothing more. Who starred in the TV series "The Good Wife." Absolutely no way, given those below him on the position.

6th place - Tim McGraw, 44 years old.

Popular American country singer and actor. He played in films such as "I'm leaving - do not cry," "The Blind Side" and "Four Christmases." I do not think we understand the appeal of a man in a cowboy hat :) This is a purely American stuff. As compensation, the list still meet two alien.

5th place - Chris Evans, 30 years old.

It does not hurt any one person fibers of my soul, but I think it is quite worthy of being on this list, judging by the response from the other girls. It is not surprising that Chris was on the list, given the hellish PR "Captain America" ​​and "The Avengers," in which Chris is now strenuously removed.

4th place - Justin Theroux, 40 years old.

Novel Jennifer Aniston explicitly added the actor, writer and fan of motorcycles and leather jackets extra points. But he's really cool. Jennifer admits that she was very lucky, and she is very happy. A Friends of the couple say that Justin - not the typical "Mr. Hollywood", and that is what attracted Jen.

3rd place - Idris Elba, 39 years old.

For a change, finally someone from America. Idris- British actor and singer. Not to be confused with advertising muzhchinkoy of Old Spice :) You can see it in "RocknRolla," "Torah" and the television series "The Wire" and "Luther" for his work in which he was nominated for the "Emmy" and "Golden Globe". The most attractive in a woman, he is considered a good, well-groomed skin. Idris is against racial discrimination in the film industry, so it is very symbolic that it was included in this list.

2nd place - Liam Hemsworth, 21 years old.

For a long time it's difficult to distinguish Liam from his older brother Chris, who brought him to Hollywood from Australia. Liam is also known for the fact that the meeting with Miley Cyrus and the couple simply delight for my eyes, I do not know why :) filmography Liam is not particularly shine in interesting projects, but it will appear in the premiere of the hotly anticipated "The Hunger Games." I have not read the book, but judging by the number of enthusiastic fans, the film will cause mania similar to the Twilight saga. So soon Liam clearly become number one handsome and will look at us with his blue eyes on the cover of all the magazines.

Finally, place 1, the sexiest man alive today - Bradley Cooper, 36 years old.

Mixed feelings :) It certainly had to be on this list, but I do not know whether in the first place. Why not? In the past year, all women won his runaway French.

Bradley said that his mother is very proud of the fact that he received the title, but the actor could not believe it and thought it was the shooting of the program "set up" channel MTV.

What do you think? Who do you think was a once in a list, and who would you add?


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