Photoshop + skill = work of Eric Johansson

The work of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte - a source of inspiration that fascinate anyone, especially photographers and artists. Young photographer Erik Johansson from Sweden says that it is Dali and Magritte became his designs and he is committed to making not just photos and pictures, which are part of the art. In 25 years of doing such incredible work very hard, I'm sure 100 percent, but Erik Johansson inspired and active. Let now in its portfolio is not much work, but this photographer whole life ahead, and it can do much more ... Let it uses Photoshop, but it's not harmful, but the good!

In the works of Eric traced notes Escher and Rob Gonzalez, which though he does not speak, but their influence is obvious. Almost all the photographs Johansson appears in the male lead.


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