Duet with Amy Winehouse

Duets famous rappers with Amy Winehouse. Rappers love Amy. And her duet with them a lot more excited fans rap duo than their own with the other ladies.

«You Know I'm No Good» feat. Ghostface Killah

By the way, the original song and video on it deserve a separate view.

«Rehab» feat. Jay-Z

You are now rocking with the best, Amy baby!

«Back To Black» (Kanye West Tribute)

They say that once Amy called Kanye unflattering nickname. If you only knew how hard-hitting ... Nevertheless tribute Kanye did.

- «Love Is A Losing Game» feat. Mos Def

- «Rehab» feat. Pharoahe Monch

Another version of «Rehab», but with the other rapper.

- «Like Smoke» feat. Nas

«Tears Dry On Their Own» (Organized Noise Dungeon Family Remix)

«Half Time» feat. ? uestlove

«Valerie» feat. Mark Ronson (Baby J Remix)

Excellent video!

«Me And Mr. Jones »


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