Loud quotes Amy Winehouse

Exactly two years ago, July 23, our world has left an incredibly talented, inimitable scandalous and totally crazy Amy Winehouse. Today, she would have turned thirty. Dying at the height of his career, and in the prime years of a famous singer came in the infamous "Club 27", which forever belong to the cult musicians such as Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and others, greatly influenced the development of rock and blues music, died at the age of 27 years, sometimes under rather strange circumstances. In addition to the brilliant talent and great love for music, Amy, unfortunately, was no less strong craving for drugs and alcohol overdose, and that the girl has died.

Surprisingly charismatic Amy was born in London to a Jewish family in which one of the main components was music. The girl had everything to become a real star: the incredible voice, great acting skills, the undoubted talent of the composer. But other than that, Amy was in the person of a number of strong contradictions. Englishwoman with Jewish roots in the 20 years she sang as a mature African-American, was very sexy, but did not seek to emphasize it. It felt surprisingly subtle music, and has been provocatively rude communication. It became the British heroine prestigious nomination "Grammy" and was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, but has always been scandals and heroine tabloids. She always sang, and she wanted to say what I thought. In memory of the amazing, the rebellious spirit of the singer remember its most famous sayings.

1. The biggest mistake that only parents can do - is to conceive a child under the bad music.

2. Women talking with each other as well as men with men. But women always pay attention to the details.

3. Ability to fight does not depend on how big you are. It depends on how much of your concentrated fury. I'm not a fighter, but if I'm pressed against the wall, I breached any head.

4. Around a lot of evil people, and all because they have no friends. Talking to people - a mother, a grandmother, a dog - the best thing that happens to you in this life. Excluding shoes and bags, of course.

5. I agree with the fact that talented. But I was not born to sing, but to be a wife and mother. And keep an eye on the family.

6. There is no point in saying anything but the truth.

7. I am not one of those who are trying to grab his 15 minutes of fame. I'm just a musician, and I'm trying to be honest. Make music - it's like to go to the gala dinner. You must act slowly and not lash out at everything.

8. I do not need someone to help. If I can not help herself, no one can help me. I'm not an easy person at least because in most cases I do not care to.

9. I am not religious, but I know that faith gives people strength. I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason, and for whatever reason. Higher forces are not required for this.

10. I do not blame casual sex. I understand that there is nothing good that I approve of treason. But I think what it's like to smoke marijuana - nothing serious.

11. I only write about the things that happened to me. About the things that I can not just drown in the past. I am inclined to self-destruction, so that the themes of the songs I've always there.

12. Do not renounce. I hate myself when I say something like: "I'll never do yourself boobs!" At these words the ass. After all, perhaps, I have to do - when I become old and all that.

13. Monitor the madness is not difficult.

14 whole days to get drunk a lot harder than just shoot up heroin. Alcohol - a real poison. At some point I was too mired in alcohol, because to him it looks better. Look at the TV - a glass of wine, cook dinner - a glass of champagne.

15. I am a difficult person. If only because I, for the most part, all the shit.

16. If aliens and have something like a sense of humor, most of all, perhaps, they should laugh the way we have sex.

17. Tattoos can never have too many.

18. If I have to make up too much, it's over the fact that I'll just look like someone's aunt. And I want to be myself!

19. Sex - it's just sex. But no need to admit to yourself someone is too close.

20. The world is full of straight men who like little naughty sluts, and just as many gay men who, like, talking to you, "Come on, I'll carry it," or "Naquin my jacket." And you start to think: "And why the hell are they, like menĀ».

21. Most people my age spend a lot of time thinking about what they will do in the next five or ten years. So: the time that they spend in these reflections, I spend drinking.


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