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The old lady England went crazy, languishing in anticipation of a joyous day when the light will be the heir to the throne. To tell the truth, the whole world is waiting with bated, regularly updated page news portals. Kate Middleton Pregnancy and its outcome are under scrutiny of the media and other organizations. For example, the volume of bets with bookmakers exceeded the record mark of 1 million pounds.
Momentous event occurred on July 22 at 16:24. Kate and William are the parents of a strong and healthy baby, giving Britain a new citizen. In the meantime, the royal family accepting congratulations, let us remember the other star mothers, for which so zealously hunted by paparazzi.

Angelina Jolie
Angie and her common-law husband Brad Pitt were already the proud parents of four children when the couple announced her second pregnancy of the actress. It was the winter of 2008 at the ceremony of awarding the Film Independent's Spirit Awards. Since then, the media filled with various articles on alleged child sex and date of birth. Later it turned out that the family expected completion is not one baby, but soon double, and in July 2008 in one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples daughter Vivian and son named Knox. Photo newborn fought several top publications as a result of the cost of shots reached 14 million. $ Who Brandzhelina donated to charity.

Victoria Beckham
One of the most beautiful football in England and his wife raised three boys, secretly dreaming of the beauty-daughter. But tseleustoemlennaya woman for the sake of the beloved is ready to translate dreams into reality. And soon all we are talking about Vickie's fourth pregnancy. The process was accompanied by endless rumors and gossip: magazines wrote about herniated discs and a threat to health and even life itself, Mrs. Beckham and her baby. In addition, Vick is constantly criticized for prohibitively high heels even in the third trimester did not leave the designer with their favorite labutenami.
But the July 10, 2011 the couple Beckham appeared healthy and beautiful baby Harper Seven.

Kim Kardashian
The love story of socialite and successful rapper from its very beginning is haunted by the American media. Too feigned seemed happy couples: Kim, whose previous marriage was a record for the duration - 72 days reality TV star filed for divorce, and Kanye West, reportedly smashed more than one girl's heart, together seemed too cloyingly "sweet." "Popiaritsya and to part" - thought the fans, but the relationship only became stronger. And - surprise announcement of the pregnancy Kardashian.
No rumors of infidelity a black musician or still legally married girls are not adequately prevented the pair to go through all the difficulties associated with the birth of the baby. Kanye and Kim's daughter came into the world prematurely, but her health is not threatened. First-born parents named North West, which translates as "North-West".

The public learned of the pregnancy of the singer in August 2011: the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards Beyonce effectively demonstrated to the public rounded tummy. Her husband, Jay -Zi, and indeed the beauty looked extremely happy - and the fans cheered, enjoying excellent news. However, after a formal application network collages filled with the date of shooting, which is noticeable that tummy Bi grew too fast. Another cause for gossip has become the talk show, which visited Beyonce: tilt the stomach during the singer's strange warp:

After the broadcast version of the simulation about wife's pregnancy, Jay-Z has become more widespread. It was assumed that a child carried by a surrogate mother of a pair, but the truth is carefully guarded.
Whatever it was, but in January 2012, Beyonce and her choice became parents. A Blue Ivy has become one of the most popular star kids.


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