Private Moon

Photo project by Leonid Tishkov titled "Private Moon» («Private moon») created 1, 5 years, although at first to turn dreams into reality picture of the Belgian surrealist artist Rene Magritte seemed unworkable. But Leonid Tishkov everything turned out so well that it was not created in one photo, but several works, because the feeling fantastic and the proximity of the beautiful can not be expressed only on a single image. Leonid himself made the first picture, but since he is an artist who can not be with your camera to capture all the beauty of what he saw, he was invited to co-creation of a professional photographer Boris Bendikova, found in all of this is something special.

Boris has created multiple photos with the so-called "moon" (Lightbox) in completely different situations. Each picture - a little story. Inspirer Leonid Tishkov told about the project: "The project we did 1, 5 years. All true art grows slowly. Creating images - this is one of the most difficult things in the culture. This poetry is always born out of nothing. Here, thanks to Rene Magritte, I decided to make a surreal picture real object, and then together with Boris turned into a work of art planar »


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