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Even if you're not a fan of the movie, but at least once heard about the fantasy thriller by Ridley Scott's "Alien" (four parts by the way), then you are 100 percent familiar with the beautiful name of the actress, but even if so you have no idea who she was, then you definitely need to read it quotes, and at the same time to review the movie "Avatar." Let role at Sigourney Weaver (yes, about her and speech) there is small and in the end she dies, James Cameron has promised that the launch of "Avatar 2" in 2014 heroine Grace once again come to life (I wonder how the director is provernёt because lost something she probably). But it is not about her roles, and about her want to learn a little more. Sigourney was born into a wealthy family, her father was president of NBS, and his mother an actress. Of course, recognition and popularity daughter, who three times nominated for "Oscar" has outdone his famous parents. Thanks to the talent, commitment and presence of a sense of humor, which plays a significant role in a person's character.

As this Englishwoman, my mother never abandoned hope that I fall in love with Prince Charles.

I am grateful Stranger. The bastard gave me everything.
I do not want to star in "Alien." I would like Shakespeare, Woody Allen, Mike Nichols. But I was given this role. Well, I thought at the time, then I'll show them, Henry the Fifth on Mars. And it showed. But I still think that very few people noticed.

Show business is inclined to share the women on inaccessible snow queens and bl ****. That is why in my life been so many times when I wanted to be bl ****.

Least of all Hollywood wants you to change. He always wants the new movie you were exactly the same as in the past. While Hollywood will not work for you till the end, it will offer you the same thing over and over again. And when you go away from the screen, he just starts to search for your replacement.
All producers are low and thick, and I am tall and thin. So I am quite different from ordinary sexual fantasy ordinary producer. Actors and directors is also very low in weight. Therefore, very often, when I walk into a room, everyone starts staring at me like I was some sort of exhibit. In fact, they just do not know how to communicate with a woman that is above their head and shoulders. In the end, we have to work with guys like Ridley Scott and James Cameron. They are also low, but they do not care for such conventions.

Show business is designed in such a way that you always have to sort of apologize for your age. Each time you mark the next decade of past life, you ask, well, that's not scary in these your forty, fifty or sixty. But to me it never seemed dreadful. Do not be afraid to live another ten years. It is terrible to wake up one day and realize that the front left any more dozen.
I am happy that it is not interested in magazines, writing about celebrities. They are interested in the young actors whose life is replete with events: corrected a couple of pounds, has lost a couple of pounds, last seen at a resort with this, seen in the basin so. Every day they bring a sensation. And as I write boring: I'm always in shape and is married to the same man for many, many years.

I do not feel any discomfort about the age when I turned fifty. Now I'm 59, and hardly a year later I was waiting for a revelation.
I do not like the attention being paid to movie stars. After all, in the end, all attempts to investigate their lives come to the fact that the stars are no different from ordinary people - have breakfast and go to the toilet.

I'm hard to scare. I was a little afraid of monsters. The most terrible seem to me those monsters, which produces plastic surgery - terrible human designers: Thirty face and body of sixty-five.

I can still kick ass alien. But sometimes, for some reason I want to be one of them.
It annoys me when someone calls the Alien monster. I like the word "creation».

One of the worst insults to me was the fact that in the movie "Alien vs. Predator" predator - this primitive scum - easily beat Alien. I remember it made me a terrible impression. I watched the film until the end, and then there was a long time in the shower, because the could not shake the feeling that I bought back in the shit.

Blessed are those who believe that if the land ever come down the spacecraft and creatures come out with one head, two arms and two legs, they will necessarily be our brothers.
All great stories have great female roles.


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