Always on top

These girls look down on the world and they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, although many in their place would become thoughtful, as their growth even higher than some men. These young ladies "miniature" just will not name, but the word "massive" to them is not applicable. They have a perfectly normal body, they are simply much higher than the accepted standards. Tall girls are accustomed to seek only the most enviable heights, so many of the famous beauties udavshihsya growth, so happy.

Maria Sharapova, height - 187 cm

Our Masha complex about his height, because it can be seen on the court with the most distant places, and this is for the fans of sports talent of Mary and her very pretty important. When casual acquaintances exclaim "Mary, what you're tall!" Jokes only tennis player, "Yes, but I always difficult to find jeans." Despite the high growth, Masha can afford shoes on high heels.

Brigitte Nielsen, height - 185 cm

And here it is - "Red Sonja". It has not been forgotten, because such a majestic beauty is hard not to remember. Bridget still as attractive, though she nearly fifty years. She is graceful, beautiful, intelligent, and undoubtedly high, so managed to marry as many as 5 times (including the famous Sylvester Stallone, who appreciated the high growth Bridget).

Adriana Karembeu, height - 185 cm

Slovak supermodel listed in the ranks not only the highest beauties, but also listed the owner of the longest toe on the planet Earth, the length of which reaches 124 cm. Thanks to his inimitable feet Adriana entered the Guinness Book of Records. A truly unique body.

Uma Thurman, height - 183 cm

This actress, with its sky-high growth, will give odds to many young beauties of all sizes. She's just tightened, happy and cheerful, even despite the fact that immediately brings up two children - 11-year-old daughter, Maya, as well as the 8-year-old son Levon. Beloved minds are constantly changing, but its growth is unchanged.

Brooke Shields, height - 183 cm

Another happy owner tall - Brooke Shields, has known all his "charm" during the filming of the movie "Blue Lagoon" when Brooke had to go on a pre-dug grooves, so as not to seem "giant" on the background of the partner Christopher Atkins.


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