Guy Lares

Books can not only read, but also to carve out their real amazing scenery. I would still advise to refer to printed books carefully and at leisure, instead of flipping through magazines to read a couple of chapters of some good, interesting and instructive book, but if you are a creative person and rvёtes into battle, then take the example of a native of Quebec Guy Lares which not only makes the masterpieces of the books, but also a painter, sculptor, musician and even a director. Saying "talented person is talented in everything" can be attributed to him. For over 30 years he has devoted to creativity, writing songs, taking videos and making sculptures of life-size, but for their favorite business - cutting the wonderful scenery of the books he could not forget. Some of his works are known worldwide.

His work, he creates from old books that no one needs. Now all switched to the electronic version, which itself says Guy Lares altogether unnecessary, because the book should remain in-bound and not be a simple document in a computer memory.

"The erosion of culture - or cultures - is a topic that remains relevant over the past twenty-five years of my creative life. Culture arises, develops, and then it becomes obsolete and is replaced by other cultures. The disappearance of cultures leads to the disappearance of people, one way or another associated with these crops. Currently, all sounds obsessive assertion that the paper book is doomed. The library as a place for reading books as a repository and a repository of books - it is the day before yesterday. Someone will ask, and what I care? And I'm interested in is this: Do we really believe that "new technologies", which we love to repeat, really can change our life, to solve the unsolvable questions, existential dilemma? And even if we can change our lives, to change the way of learning about the world - that will change our minds? The analytical mind completely replace intuition and foreboding? What pushes us to to completely abandon the previous experience that accumulated generations of our ancestors? »

"When I was younger, the ideology of universal progress very upsetting to me. I wanted to prove that the person is still essentially primitive. Something - probably own intuition - told me that man as a species of living beings is still far from the peak of its development. Now I realize that our faith in progress and the pursuit of it associated with the desire to change the ways of knowing the world, receipt and storage of information. My "book" of the work, like my paintings, seeking to convey to the viewer the feeling of being absolute knowledge could be erosion and destruction, and not a blessing acquisition. One of my works is called "Ideas seem to be alive." Contemporary art seems to pay little attention to intelligence. I want to correct this omission. I carve landscapes out of old books that nobody reads. The mountains of unnecessary information are converted into what they are - they are far away. Or hills. Or valleys. Pathos of the encyclopedia are the sole objective reality - the fact that we see around us. »


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