Nicole Scherzinger

Singer, fashion model, music producer and songwriter, actress and member of the group The Pussycat Dolls.

"When I'm at home, I say that I dream to travel and when I travel, I say that I want to go home. People always want what you do not can get ».

"People often do not see what is happening behind the scenes, especially during the tour. I am a very organized person. When I need to be mobilized before the show, I just go to the gym and quickly bring yourself back to normal ».

"Regular flights, concerts, shooting - this work takes a lot of energy. It just seems that the stars are always happy, in fact, I often worry that I can not, for example, to see relatives or even just a chat with friends. "

Nicole looks perfect delight fans around the world, though she is partial to sweet and does not believe in diets. The secret of her beauty in the other.

Beauty Nicole admits that has not always been confident of its appeal. As a teenager, tells a girl she thought she was "awkward and lanky».

"I felt comfortable only when hiding in his room, listening to Whitney Houston and sang in a loud voice," - says Nicole.

However, take care of herself she began very early. In ten years, she has enjoyed a moisturizer for the face and still believes that it is one of the main secrets of good skin.

"I can not resist the cake Red Doughboys in LA - laughing Nicole. - I feel happiness, even just thinking about it. " As a girl, a sweet tooth, indifferent to hearty Hawaiian and Filipino cuisine, manage to stay so slim?

In sports, pop star also adheres to the principle of harmony. "When I train, I try not to focus on only one part of the body, I prefer to maintain a balance in everything - recommends Nicole. - So I'm working on a press, legs, hands - on everything. In the gym I'm alternating strength training and endurance exercise, which, incidentally, is very tones ».

"I'm always late and stuff ... so here I am a man."

"My grandmother was a singer - I inherited it from my voice."

My family supports me so much. They believe in me more than myself. God has let me down to sing. Singing was my way of communication, at a young age, I was very shy. "

"When I'm standing around me and the fans screaming" Oh my God, this is Nicole! "I feel a rush of happiness! This is one of the things that make me a big smile. "

"My mother taught me to ballet and how to be graceful."


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