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Breakfast Buffet, Swedish family, the Swedish side, the Swedish model .... When you say those words, we all understand what is at stake. Well, at least approximately. Although this representation is not always true. For example, take the Swedish model. Most of us, mainly due to cinematic propaganda, the Swedish model seems so: it is a giantess (under two meters tall), with magnificent breasts and heavily-blond Haier. Incidentally, this stereotype is very tenacious. Only in the life of the Swedish model is not like that. At least in our reality with you. And the living proof. List of well-known Swedish women who wear the title of "the Swedish top model».

Johanna Fosselius - aspiring top model.

But some of what it represents. So, you see, is not the model of the "Swedish" appearance.

Mona Johansson.

Another nice girl. Good. What they have not yet translated into Swedish expanses.

It is called the "baby Kate" for its resemblance to Kate Moss. In my opinion, there are similarities. But Mona looks more innocent and fresh. At least, for now ...

And she, too, is far from the "Swedish" ideals ...

Frida Gustavsson. New doll's face in the modeling business.

This girl gives great hope in the hearts of the Swedes. And not only ...

We go further. And then I Elsa Hosk.

It fits the "stereotype" description. At least the color of eyes and hair.

The retro image:

Elsa also participated in the show VS:

Caroline Winberg.

Finally! The main blonde. Typical Swede - from head to toe. Slightly angular, face a little masculine. But good, there are cosmetics and professional photographers. Here are some really powerful forces. They're from any "something" will do "what is necessary".

Along with Elsa Hosk represent Sweden in VS:

And, of course, Mini Anden.

Luxury Mini. It can be safely put in the list of "legendary" Swedish model. Former top model and actress. Anyway a very nice lady in every sense. And did, mind you, not blond mane made her a fashion legend.

Face fragrance "Armani Code»:

Angel VS:

And at the end - three generations of models in Sweden: Caroline Winberg, Mona Johansson and Mini Anden one cover:


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