Presents a unique car with the housing on the roof

A Mini Cooper is considered one of the world's best examples of combining good technical characteristics, elegant design and modest size. But despite the last factor, Mini has decided to release a variation of the car, where you can not only walk, but to live – the Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp.
In 2012, the car brand Mini presented a concept car and Mini Caravan Mini Camper designed for long trips and even travel. But only now have a real implementation of this idea.
Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp is a complete house on wheels, which, however, the size is completely different from quite kompaktnog crossover Mini Countryman. House this compact machine is located on the roof.

Where Russian farmers carry crates of fresh fruit and vegetables, as American and European motorists – a water bike or your Luggage in the Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp is a tent that folds out. In folded state it has a plastic casing, which thickness of a few tens of centimeters, but in the expanded state it can easily be accommodated for the night two adults.

The presence of such a tent, in conjunction with the ongoing features of the Mini Countryman SUV, will allow owners of the car to settle in for the night in the most beautiful and remote places on the planet where there are no permanent hotels and where not able to drive a huge house on wheels.

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