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Very little time is left before the release of the new film "Men in Black" and in the third fantastic action you will see not only the perfect Will Smith, but no less impeccable Nicole Scherzinger, who plays the role of villain Lilly. I do not know how many minutes and the screen goes to her, but I hope that it will fit into the overall picture and its image will celebrate nothing less than the role of Rihanna in "Sea fight." Although if you do not disgrace the honor of all the musicians, exploding in a movie, this would be enough, and play movies at us and without it there is someone ... But you know I'm more worried about is not it, but what about Nicole had not heard as before. Why she does not sing, why it was not invited as a headliner at least somewhere? At this rate, you can achieve only what you forget and replace ... Life is important, but it is possible after all, combine or I misunderstood something?

As would be nice if «The Pussycat Dolls» reunited, yet as a solo artist Nicole bright, but not so much in all this entourage of flexible beautiful girls. Their sexy dancing ignited the crowd and the voice of the vocalist here afterthought ...


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