Photo Quest Pistols

Not a single Hollywood: in Ukrainian and Russian side also has its celebrities. About them, of course, is not so interesting to talk, especially if it is Basque, Galkin and Pugacheva, but today I suggest to see your private photos of participants anti-glamorous (as they position themselves) trio of Kiev «Quest Pistols». About these guys, I think everyone knows that in Ukraine, in Russia, as their hits "I'm tired", "White dragonfly of love", "Revolution" and many others heard everywhere on any popular radio waves, besides their Clips are also rotated. Initially, this group was not music, and dance, but after 5 years, three charismatic guys captivate the audience not only dance, but also songs that, as it turned out, writes a talented member of the Ukrainian group "Dymna Sumish" Alexander Chemerov. The group of 4 years has not been modified, in quests were Anton Savlepov, Nikita and Konstantin GORYUK Borovsky, but in September 2011, the last left for family reasons and was replaced by a young, handsome and promising Daniel Matseychuk. So, look at the "new format" group ...

If by name, you do not know them, I would say that chёrnenky with a beard - is Anton, Belenky - Nikita and newcomer - Daniel. Happy viewing, I hope that will not look less pleasant than Hollywood celebrities.


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