The failed action

A few days ago I went to the cinema at the "John Carter" in 3D. Do not regret the money spent: a movie is good, bright, Martian landscapes still revolve before his eyes. The hall was packed, there were spectators of all ages, and it seemed to me that people liked. And yesterday I go to kinopoisk, and I see the sad news - Disney studio has announced the loss of the picture. At present, charges the film is 254 million dollars with a budget of 250 million and marketing expenses in the 100. Note that 254 million - is not the net profit of the studio: about half had to pay for the rental of cinemas. Total income of the film was less than 130 million, while expenses - 350 is easy to calculate what the hole shot "John Carter" in the holdings of "Disney". Now it is clear that the sequel will not be. I am very surprised by the results of such charges as well made movie, the actors play well. In Russia, by the way, costs have been good, but in the United States let us down: all moved to "The Hunger Games».

Let's see what action did not meet financial expectations of its creators

"Green Lantern". "In the darkness of the night, by the light of day, let down the drain 200 million budget - garbage ...". I saw the film - in my opinion, it is not worth much. While there may be many vbuhali in a marketing campaign. The picture grossed about 220 million (do not forget that cinema take half of the profits ...)

"Alexander," Colin Farrell made a star, but neither the critics nor the audience did not come to their liking. The film's budget amounted to 155 million, marketing costs - about 40. The box office film has collected 167 million. Little saved the situation release the film on DVD (in 2004 it has earned, now, thanks to the pirates and torrent trackers, buying movies on discs becomes history). After this, the director Oliver Stone epic shoot Zaretsky district projects

He failed at the box office and a sequel to "Basic Instinct" with Sharon Stone brilliant. With a budget of 70 million film grossed 28 and a half. This sounds sacrilegious, but I can assume that grown old Sharon is not so attracted viewers in the first part (

With a bang burst the film "All the King's Men," with Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Anthony Hopkins. And no wonder: Sells already in the title - the film something about politics, not about kings!))) The painting invested 55 million, a decent portion of the budget went to the fees actors and collected "Rat" laughter and only - less than 10 million ( Cinema half of the proceeds, we remember it ....). So for now we spent 10 times more than it earned. I suppose that the director Steven Zellian got a good "sticking»

I myself was shocked when she learned that "The Rum Diary" flopped at the box office. And I fell so specifically, at 45 million budget collected only 24. And this despite the presence of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard). Although usually people rushing on anything with Depp as for bread cards in the blockade. Well, as grit, and the old woman is proruha ... (something drew me to folklore ....)

An example of an epic failure can serve as adventure "Sahara" in 2005, with Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz. On this picture, once you wrote a lot, saying that director Brett Eisner empty part of the 160 million budget, "left", because the money can be removed the second "Lord of the Rings" at the time. The film - an obvious dummy, one view, a lot of pathos and obvious "cranberry", despite a good cast

Most failure in the history of the Hollywood film, the movie is an adventure picture "Cutthroat Island" with Geena Davis. In 1998, the film vbuhali nearly 100 million, and he barely scratched 10 (Distributors have chosen a very bad time to release the picture - just before the New Year. People wanted to see the family comedy with Santa Claus, and they were offered an action with the Pirates ...


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