Tour the mansion Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz)

Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz) put up for sale his estate in Los Angeles. And believe me, it is the same elegant, as well as his mistress. The price of the house is a little less than 3, 5 million dollars. The combination of Thai and Balinese design, bright, spacious rooms and a magnificent wooden floor - there is something to see. Let's start our tour ...

The interior of the house is very impressive, but the true beauty lies outside. "The backyard is really one of the best places of this house," said real estate agent. "Platform for grilling and dining al fresco by the pool - it all looks good on the background of the stunning architecture of the house and spectacular views of the mountains».



The estate carries a part of Thai and Balinese design, it is evident even from the main entrance. "The entrance doors create a courtyard. It's almost outside the lobby - a traditional characteristic of Thai architecture ».


Visitors feel a unique sense of style, as appropriate to the house. "You can immediately determine what kind of culture, the designer drew inspiration. And the unusual window, and the lighting at the entrance, not to mention the massive doors - all parts of the Thai-style ».


The front door is made of durable material, while the inner door - transparent. "Plain door does not enter into the house of unwanted items and energy, and glass - transmits light," says the expert. "The perfect combination».


Living room - the perfect place to relax, but here there is also the opportunity to spend free time to good use. "Next to the seating area situated French doors, behind which is a cute little room for meditation," explains real estate agent.


For those who love to cook, this house - a real dream. "Separate and built-in refrigerator, a large kitchen table with a sink for vegetables, which did not look - a coating of natural stone. There is everything you can dream of any chef ».


This kitchen will satisfy any fastidious buyer. "Built-in stove, built-in niche for the microwave and the TV - there is room for everything and every thing will be in its place».


Even going from room to room, you do not stop to wonder great design. "Although the corridor window, under the ceiling, the small size, they are perfectly missing daylight, stressing patterned wood floors. Through the use of Thai-style house in the attention to detail. Up to the large mirrors in massive frames and benches ».


If you have a nice room like this one, whether you need a TV? "When you look at the room comes to mind only one," Wow! ". In the eyes immediately catch the windows instead of walls and the beautiful wooden floor ».



The absence of one of the walls opens the rest of the house, including the dining room. With this layout natural sunlight from large windows it gets into any part of the house. In this perspective, you can see the fireplace. And imagine that only here you can spend the evening at the same time under the stars and next to the cozy warmth of the fire ».


All the items in the house neat balance between simplicity and luxury. "Another spacious hallway, furnished along the walls, which demonstrates the contrasts inherent in Thai design. Massive bed, dressing table and mirror frame is decorated with a complex and intricately carved ».


No matter what part of the house you are, you will never experience a lack of sunlight. "Here, before the eyes of potential buyers appears part of the dining room and hallway. What does the accent is not on the favorite wood floors, and lighting ».


This house will surprise you in the bathroom. "Making Mirrors and availability sconces also belong to the Thai-style».



If you decide to throw a party to this house there is a very good place. "This backyard is ideal for both relaxing activities and for noisy gulyanok. In addition to standard swimming pools and dining room, where there are also heaters and a specially equipped place for the fire, so that the evening cool will not stop the fun. Not to mention the sun beds and a canopy with a huge bed ».


So, are you ready to take the plunge? This mansion is located in Hollywood, can be yours for less than 3, 5 million dollars :)



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