Visiting Penelope Cruz

House Penelope Cruz in Los Angeles for sale. Price of the issue - a little less than 3, 5 million. Dollars.
Actress cozy nest built in Thai-Balinese-style: there are a lot of light and tiled hardwood.
Let's start the tour!

In the backyard is a beautiful pool overlooking the forest and mountains. In addition, there is also a dining room 'outdoors'.

The entrance to the courtyard of the house in the style of architecture of Thailand

The first door to the room of wood, the other of glass - to provide more light in the home.

From a small living room, you can get a room for meditation.

For those who like to cook, kitchen Penelope just a dream! The sink and countertop are made of natural stone, kitchen set has several refrigerators.

Says real estate agent, this kitchen can satisfy every need home owner.


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