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Eurovision 2012 is over and the winner is determined - it Lorin, who represented Sweden in the competition. Her song Euphoria (euphoria) gained 372 points at 40 voting countries - a huge lead over the second place, which took Buranovskie grandmother from Russia (259 points). As you can see, almost all countries of the audience expressed a preference for Lorin.

The victory of 28-year-old Swede not surprise anyone, since it still has to win the semi-final selection was intended. Personally, I liked the song Lorin not once, somewhere after the third or fourth listen, I realized that this is a potential European hit. So it seems it will be. Question in a different - will Lorin in the near future singer-European scale which was winner of the 2009 Alexander Rybak, or her person at the hearing will be only a month or two after the end of the contest, as was the case with last year's winner, the duo El and Nikki (can be at at home they are the stars, I will not argue, but in other countries they are unpopular). My opinion - from Lorin has all the chances, but only in the event that soon she will give a pair of high-quality hot singles




Full name of the singer - Lorin Zineb Nock Talhaui. Unusual for a Swede, but not a typical Swedish Loreen - her Moroccan-Barbary roots that gave her an exotic look. Lorin was born in Stockholm, raised in Vasteras and began to study singing since childhood. The first stage experience for Lorin was part of the Swedish Song Contest Idol (the analogue of "American Idol") in 2004. She finished fourth. Star nationwide Lorin became in 2011 when she released her single «My Heart is Refusing Me». Along with the performances Lorin worked presenter: it can be seen in shows like Värsta pojkvänsakademin (TV3), Matakuten (TV4) and Frufritt (SVT).

The representative of Sweden at the Eurovision Lorin was selected after winning the competition Melodifestivalen 2011





At a press conference after the announcement of the results of Eurovision Lorin said that soon will be released her debut album. Another girl admitted that she is not particularly preparing for the final performance - just a lot of sleeping and eating

Single «My Heart Is Refusing Me», who made famous in Sweden Lorin


Cover the single-winner







The only thing I was a little annoying - is that the vocals Lorin places not quite "clean", is clearly visible on the live shows - pause, aspiration, etc. But I think the performance is not sanded problem, more importantly, that it is able to "pull" different tone. If its producers are now warning in advance, it may well become a star in Europe and successfully touring. Let's see whether this will

PS And I ached for Belarusians)


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