Ukraine announced rigging the "Eurovision"

National Television Company of Ukraine and the UT-1 intend to pursue deprivation channel "RTR-Planeta" license to broadcast in Ukraine.

Acting head of the National TV and Radio Company of Ukraine Vasyl Ilaschuk said that the victory of Dima Bilan's "Eurovision-2008" is the result of fraud. This statement Ilaschuk made in an interview with "Ukraine young».

"After the second semi-final came to us and said that Ukraine is ready to Sports Palace and dumplings - first the Russians were all shocked. I personally do not know a single person who would vote for Bilan. I called to the Balkans on national channels. They conducted a survey in the street after the announcement of the results, and there was not one person who would have voted for Russia ", - he said.

This Ilaschuk noted that in Ukraine as a result was falsified, since "points responsible for communication of the company».

Let's remind, that the winner of the contest "Eurovision-2008", the final of which was held May 24 in Belgrade, it has been recognized by the Russian representative Dima Bilan with the song «Believe». Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak with the song «Shady Lady» ranked second. However, after the results of the competition, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has congratulated Ani Lorak victory. "I know that you were the first, but chaste and delicate Europe could not accept that Ukraine hosted Eurovision twice in the last four years", - quotes Tymoshenko greeting

Meanwhile, the first vice-president of Ukrainian National Television Roman Nedzelskiy said that he intends to sue the Russian state channel "Russia", which for the satellite broadcast competition in Ukraine and demand the deprivation of "Russian" of the right to broadcast on the territory of Ukraine.

This information was confirmed on Thursday, RIA "News" in the press service of the Ukrainian state TV channel "First National" (UT-1).

According to the press service of the National Television Company of Ukraine and UT-1 intend to pursue deprivation channel "RTR-Planeta" license to broadcast in Ukraine due to the fact that Russian television showed the final of "Eurovision-2008", although exclusive rights to broadcast owned UT-1. "This issue is now engaged in legal department of the First National Channel," - said the spokesman. In Ukraine, the broadcast was conducted the National Television Company of Ukraine, was parallel to the signal "RTR-Planet", which was adopted in most of the country's television networks.

Note that the topic of fraud emerges after almost every contest "Eurovision" has been around since 1956. Interested parties and countries have traditionally accuse each other of fraud in the election results.

In particular, it found that in 1968 the final results of "Eurovision" were in fact falsified. As it turned out during the investigation, the results were rigged on the orders of the dictator Franco. Then the victory in the competition by a margin of one point gained Spaniard Massiel. Franco believed that winning the contest will raise the reputation of Spain abroad.

The real winner, eventually took second place became a Cliff Richard, who later did not manage to win this contest. Leaders of competition, this fact did not recognize.

In 2003, the foundation for doubt become unbelievably low ratings performances of the Russian group "Tatu", exhibited by some EU countries. Then the first channel, which organizes and translates the musical contest "Eurovision" in Russia, officially announced his disbelief rezultatatm voting during the "Eurovision-2003".


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