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If you show a photo of Coco people far from the fashion world, then surely they are all as one would say that in front of them a girl with anorexia. In fact, before the painful thinness 23-year-old Canadian woman at hand, but anoreksichkoy her name not be, because if you believe it is absolutely the most Coco healthy person, just one point, she was told that the fashion industry is ruled by thinness and she needs to lose the "extra" pounds. Inexperienced Rocha and entered and now habitually eats little, but correctly. Coco is one of those models that are good as on the catwalks and in glossy magazines, as photographers consider it "chameleon" and "queen poses" at the same time. Roche nothing against these titles does not have, the more they gave her the opportunity to appear for the most prestigious journals, including «Vogue», as well as participate in the display of the best designers in the world. At the moment, Coco is considered a model with the prefix -Super, although she only 23.

Whatever it was still a lot of work, but about the personal life of a young girl should not be forgotten, because the house is waiting for her beloved husband - an interior designer James Conran, who are unlikely to tolerate the constant absence of Coco house, the more that house them 100% beauty !

"I hired James as a decorator to painted walls in my apartment. A year later, we began an affair. Strangely it was all - friends after all! »

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