Coco Rocha (Coco Rocha) in a photo shoot for the magazine «Harper's Bazaar»

25-year-old Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha (Coco Rocha) starred in extravagant and cause photoset for the June issue of the Mexican edition of the popular magazine about fashion and beauty.

If you are not as intimately familiar with the life of Canadians, we would like to clarify that even if their status, Coco Rocha (Coco Rocha) refuses to be photographed naked, even partially, do not kiss in photosets and you'll never see her with a cigarette in his hand. She sincerely believing and engaged in charity, which is very commendable. In the June issue of the Mexican edition of «Harper's Bazaar» She was the main person rooms. Photographed supermodel famous fashion photographer Heavy Muntane (Xevi Muntane).


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