Unusual gift

On his 31 th birthday, Kate Middleton has received many gifts from her husband Prince William and the other members of the royal family, but none of them can compare with a truly royal gift, which is presented to the Duchess Elizabeth II. Her Majesty has decided to make adjustments to the long history of the royal family and rewrote the law of succession. According to this law, Regal title could be awarded to only the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, but now, thanks to the efforts of the Queen, the title of "Prince" will receive all the sons of the couple and the girls will wear the proud title of "princess" and not "ladies "as it was filed earlier. Accordingly, even now the girl has the right to claim the throne and named "Her Royal Highness".

While Catherine and William are in no hurry to share the news of the future heir to the field, but after the queen in a hurry to sign the law without the consent of the Parliament, in the walls of Buckingham Palace, rumors began to circulate that the Duchess was waiting for a girl.


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