Eco-friendly shoes for vegans

Elizabeth Katzman, a blogger, a successful presenter of Detroit and new mother, has developed a line of shoes "Elizabeth's", which is environmentally friendly, combining the latest fashion trend and compassionate treatment of animals. This collection is suitable for vegetarians and is made exclusively from materials obtained by artificial processing.
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These shoes are made in America by hand. Wide enough range of "Elizabeth's". Each model line is not only environmentally friendly, but also fashionable and relevant in this season. Everyone can find something to your taste. For example, the shoes made of artificial leather with an open toe. Or feminine and sexy high-heeled shoes, made of soft microfiber and recycled plastic.
Thirty two million seven hundred eighty two thousand three hundred thirty six

Shoes faux suede high heel and platform for a versatile, sexy and made from recycled plastic and soft microfiber material. Military boots faux leather with side zipper – fashion-causing and, as with all the shoes under the brand name "Elizabeth's", high quality, comfortable and perfect for daily wear. In addition, for residents of warmer climates in the collection of Elizabeth there are rubber flip-flops with a pattern of black spots like a cow, or pink with a picture of a pig and the words "Become a vegetarian".
Seventy one million two hundred forty one thousand four hundred ninety three

Desire Katzman to share their views on "eco-friendly" lifestyle has led to the fact that now she has a weekly talk show "Elizabeth's Kind Cafe" and a cooking show on the channel Bloomfield Community. In addition, she opened an online shop on his website where he sells a variety of useful products including books, cosmetics and household chemicals from organic and safe ingredients. Her new collection of eco-friendly shoes for vegans meets another need of the adherents of a healthy and green lifestyle.

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