The Town Hall Of Hamburg

Rich in its history, town Hall has the main features of neo-Renaissance and attracts a large number of visitors.


As in the case with many of the iconic historic buildings around the world, the town Hall in its history exposed to destruction. In 1842 it was almost completely destroyed during a severe fire.


But after a few decades on the site of the burned erected a new building. While the facade is beautifully decorated with all sorts of statues. At that time it was among the largest in Europe, with a height of 112 meters.


The huge building holds a whopping 647 spaces, each of which is perfectly decorated with the finest woods and precious metals. The decoration is mainly dominated by the style of the 19th centuries, with its typical pomp and bombast. Remarkable fountain, which is arranged in the inner courtyard of Hamburg town Hall.


Due to its location in the heart of Hamburg, it is always crowded, and town Hall square are holidays, festivals and celebrations.

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