The most unusual footwear

Every year in the world there are more and more new designers with fresh and sometimes quite crazy ideas. Today's topic of conversation familiar to all of us shoes. In this review, we examine 10 of the most unusual and controversial shoe masterpieces.

Hazardous shoes
Shoes Strapped Shoes from designer Lauren Tennenbaum - very dangerous. However, they are not dangerous to his mistress, and for those who become suddenly on its way!

Shoes without soles
The designer Julian Hakes proves that sole shoes - this is not a required element. If complex geometric design can do without it. And these shoes will look very nice and stylish.

Shoes banana
Bananas is, it can not only be trousers, but also shoes. Moreover, unlike the pants do not need to include the imagination to grasp the similarity with the fruit.

Mirrored shoes
And the shoes of Andreia Chaves, in contrast to the dangerous shoes, on the contrary, are not opposed to the world, and go with him to cooperate, represent him. After their outer side is a very real mirror!

Shoes Keyboard
China has created shoes for computer geeks. They are made in the form of a QWERTY keyboard. And that's great! From the Chinese keyboard it would be all much more complicated ...

Disposable paper sneakers
Designer David Brownings created a rather unusual shoes. Using cardboard, scissors and glue, he built replicas of sneakers Nike Sneakers. In spite of the material from which they are made, they can still be worn. However, only one or two times. And not in rainy weather.

Holey sneakers
Forge-Scarred shoes Shredded Shoes would have been much the way last summer, when the temperature reached plus forty degrees Celsius. After the hole - it's the same ventilation.

Sneakers for jumping
"Do not go, and flies" - so it is sometimes a happy man. It turns out that with sneakers Spring Shoes anyone can be happy, but just putting it on yourself.

Meat shoes
At the presentation of awards MTV Video Music Awards was noted singer Lady Gaga dress made of raw meat. And this dress shoes were selected appropriate - also meat. I wonder where it has got to the meat after the ceremony, whether eaten?

Shoes Alien
Shoes made in the style of the alien monster in a series of films by Ridley Scott about the aliens.



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